WTF is

It's been 20 years now... why is this website still here?

When this fan site began in the early 2000's, I was a young programmer looking to hone my skills on a side project. Believe it or not, The Internet was an exciting and hopeful place back then. There were hundreds of pop culture "fan pages" on MySpace, Geocities, and university servers. The World Wide Web was a vibrant and independent community. Everything was as it should be. Then somehow it all went to hell in a handbasket.

Are you there God? It's me, The World Wide Web.

To the detriment of nearly everyone, internet traffic has now been monopolized by Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and a few other large international corporations. The majority of the old fan sites are now gone forever... with a few notable exceptions. Maybe the recent trend of decentralization can save us — but this is still very uncertain.

Hail to the indies!

There is still a good deal of awesome materials scattered throughout the "webosphere". We just want to be a sort of "curated list" of some of the best stuff out there that "flies beneath the radar" of corporate media. No shitty memes or spammy crap. Just a shrine to all things Tarantino. The way it should be. Like any good neighbor, we don't track you, spy on you, sell your information, or anything else like that.

Big thanks to our only sponsor Our hosting costs are generously provided by our one and only sponsor — Bad Motherfucker Wallets. Please utilize them for all your bad motherfucker wallet needs. As far as I know this is the only offically licensed wallet. It is truly the "gift that keeps on giving"... every time you take it out of your mother-fucking back pocket!

Technical Details is built using open source web technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Linux, and Twitter Bootstrap. It was lovingly programmed in Stockholm, Sweden by Ooh the Sloth, whose other projects include the Pax Acidus literary website.

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