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Kill Bill: Volume 1 Trailer


SYNOPSIS: Four years after taking a bullet in the head at her own wedding, The Bride emerges from a coma and decides it's time for payback... with a vengeance. Having been gunned down by her former boss Bill and his deadly squad of international assassins, it's a kill-or-be-killed fight she didn't start, but is determined to finish.

The Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Script


"Revenge is a dish best served cold"
- Old Klingon Proverb -

Kill Bill: Volume 1 - I Have Vermin To Kill


The Bride seeks Hattori Hanzo and his legendary Japanese steel. In a sushi bar of all places.

BBC's Kill Bill Vol. 1 Quentin Tarantino Interview


"Asking me about violence is like going up to Vincente Minnelli and asking him to justify his musical sequences." - Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino talks Kill Bill on Charlie Rose


In this 54 minute interview, Quentin Tarantino talks about Kill Bill on Charlie Rose. Quentin is very frenetic and flailing (even more than unusual). But mostly he seems very happy and proud at having completed "his best writing". A must-see for any QT or Kill Bill fan.

Kill Bill Vol 1 Final Fight


The Bride vs. The Crazy 88 in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack (PA Version)


Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the first volume of the two-part film.

This soundtrack was actually organized, and mostly produced and orchestrated by RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. But Tarantino influences aren't hard to notice.

Kill Bill Color Palette

A color palette is a range of colors used to form the basis of a design, such as a Web page design. Using a palette keeps the design more simple and consistent.  So I was super please to find this Kill Bill color palette courtesy of, a great site for Web designers and other artists alike.