Death Proof: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



I had actually never heard of the Grindhouse genre before I saw this film So to me, so to me it was just a miraculously mindless "70's throwback" movie but with Tarantino's signature dialogue and cinematic flair. But what makes this film special is the sexy teenaged cock-teasing and a weird brand of cinematic automotive violence I don't think will ever be one-upped.

As this is clearly intended to be a "entertaining summer popcorn movie" ... the soundtrack should follow suit. And it does. You can tell Mr. Tarantino had a lot of fun with this one.

The tracks are another QT collection of hidden gems entwined with enough movie quotes to keep things flowing. Yes, I had this one on repeat for like two weeks after I saw the movie.

It's a great companion to an underrated movie. The iTunes version I bought cost $13.95 and includes 16 tracks for a total of 38 minutes. It could have been a little longer. Even a vinyl record holds 44 minutes of music. Still worth having for the true fan.

Track Listing

1."The Last Race" (From the motion picture
Village of the Giants, 1965)
NitzscheJack Nitzsche2:39
2."Baby It's You" (1969)Burt Bacharach, Mack David, Barney WilliamsSmith3:23
3."Paranoia Prima" (From the motion picture
The Cat o' Nine Tails, 1971)
MorriconeEnnio Morricone3:19
4."Planning & Scheming" (dialogue)TarantinoEli Roth as Dov &
Michael Bacall as Omar
5."Jeepster" (1971)Marc BolanT. Rex4:09
6."Stuntman Mike" (dialogue)TarantinoRose McGowan as Pam &
Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike
7."Staggolee" (1970)John Michael Hill, Charlie AllenPacific Gas & Electric3:50
8."The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)" (1966)TexJoe Tex2:56
9."Good Love, Bad Love" (1966)Alvertis Isbell, FloydEddie Floyd2:11
10."Down in Mexico" (1956)Jerry Leiber, Mike StollerThe Coasters3:22
11."Hold Tight!" (1966)Ken Howard, Alan BlaikleyDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich2:47
12."Sally and Jack" (From the motion picture
Blow Out, 1981)
DonaggioPino Donaggio1:25
13."It's So Easy" (From the motion picture
Cruising, 1980)
Willy DeVilleMink DeVille2:10
14."Whatever-However" (dialogue)TarantinoTracie Thoms as Kim &
Zoë Bell as herself
15."Riot in Thunder Alley" (From the motion picture Thunder Alley, 1967)Richard PodolorEddie Beram2:04
16."Chick Habit" (1995)Serge Gainsbourg, April MarchApril March2:07