The Hateful Eight



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I thought it was incredible, obviously. Such a good dialogue! But I instantly want to see it again xD

Pulp Sloth

I want to see it again too!


Here is a link to the Hateful Eight Soundtrack on Spotify


Pulp, why do you think it's a throwback to Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs?

Pulp Sloth

I don't know ElZoumo, it just feels that way to me. Maybe because it's full of funny and horrible gangsters. But good question. It is after all it's own film.

Mr. Green

I actually watched it twice, it was a very good movie, i would place it at number 5 on my favorite Tarantino movies.
1. Pulp Fiction.
2. Reservoir Dogs.
3. Kill Bill (1 & 2)
4. Dusk till Dawn ( i know he didn't direct it, i still liked it)
5. Hateful Eight.

Captain Kirk

I am a Q fan through & through...I love ALL his movies...but The Hateful Eight had WAY TOO MANY N words in it! Throwing it in there a few times would have been enough to portray what white people called black people during that time!!

Pulp Sloth

I think we went through the whole N word debate before in previous Tarantino films. I honestly didn't even notice it. I think my brain just tunes them out. I don't think anyone truly believes anymore that dark-skinned people are somehow inferior to lighter skinned people. Science teaches us that all people were originally dark-skinned and light skin is an adaptation to living in colder climates. But you gotta admit it makes good cinema. Imagine Jaws without blood. Not much of film, eh?


I loved the dialogue and the tension. I think that Sam Jackson was on the top of his game and this was one of his best performances ever.