Multiple Pricks Error in Pulp Fiction?


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Pulp Sloth

I think we can let that one slide because it's so cool...

Pulp Sloth

I watched the movie again last night and I noticed this very clearly. It's true...


It's intentional and shows QT's amazing attention to detail. It is meant to illustrate the fact that you are seeing this event from a different perspective the second time around. For instance, if you asked all the diners what the robbers shouted, their answers would tend to differ. Quentin thinks of everything eh?


What happened was simply 2 different versions of events as experienced by different parties. I noticed this right away although the first version of Pulp Fiction that I had owned was the VHS version, so I rewound the tape and then fast forwarded it back to confirm what I thought I heard. This is experienced in everyday life when describing the past events of any significance, beautiful work on the part of Tarantino.


It's an obvious mistake, therefore is not used intentionally by QT to illustrate what is clearly Jules and Vincent's perspective. There's enough view changing all throughout the film to easily deduce this as a correct assessment. Continuity has of course been violated, only slightly mind you, but violated none the less.