Help! My Pulp Fiction DVD Won't Play


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Actually this site is not tech support.


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Yes this happened to me, plus my disc melted....I later discovered I had been using the microwave instead of the dvd player.


Maybe it's as simple as a defective disc. Try it in another player and/or exchange it.


"Must be a Shit dvd player!"


sure! a motherfuckin shit dvd player!


Me too!but instead of the microwave, I had been using a toaster... ooops.


i bought a 2 disc set edition and there was a missing disc#2, i think the whole DVD production company is fuck up, i cant believe i see this article, its like never happen to others but "PULP FICTION' hahahahaha


Well that's odd! I'm sorry it didn't play I rented pulp fiction not too long ago from Blockbuster, and played it on my Play Station 2 (which can also be used for DVD's) and it played fine, well maybe you could go to the place where you bought the pulp fiction DVD and ask about it.


It Might Be The DVD Player Is Set To The Wrong Area/District.


Olccums Razor would suggest the the husband tampered with both dvds... or that he mess up the player so that he wouldn't watch. Thereby remaining the only person on earth who hasn't seen it. I suggest you buy it on pay per view or catch it on a movie channel one day.


I have the blue ray pulp fiction. Maybe if that's what you have, you're putting it in the regular DVD player, which doesnt work.
Hope this helped. I'm tryin real hard to be the shepherd.
Even so, the whole movie is On YouTube last time I checked.


Did you try a lobotomy?