Quentin Tarantino: The Joe Rogan Interview



Here is the link to the interview (free):



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Pulp Sloth

What a great interview... the guy simply never fails to entertain.

George Pimpton

I thought it was interesting with the discussion about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and how it was perceived as "more conservative" than his previous works. I do agree that it was... but not by a lot. QT has always been progressive ... but he does seem to have found more respect for "self-reliant tough characters". I am definitely going to read the book now.


Yeah the Bruce Lee stuff was short and to the point... QT was like "my perspective was well-researched and if you don't like it you can "eat a dick".

Pulp Sloth

Agreed. Everyone who PC rages against obviously fictional portraits intended primarily to entertain and thrill should eat not one but an entire bag of dicks.