What is Grindhouse? with Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez



What they would do is now some of these they were old dilapidated theaters but some of them they could have been like say the big vaudeville house in 1910 or they maybe Birth of a Nation when they opened in that city played there but now it's 1978 and they're showing "Missing in Action" to the beginning you know with Spanish subtitles and rats are running around like crazy having their way and pain is peeling off the floor and there's graffiti on the screen that will be there for the forever and never such a problem to what there's a more "Whitey's a white" scene and all of a sudden a cholo loves cowboy but the thing about it though is like they show double features or sometimes triple features and you'd go and you'd see them and and what they showed is that that in those days an exploitation movie I mean it really was a different world because now you make 2,000 prints or 3,000 prints you open it all in one weekend all over America and Canada all at the same time they're you know an expectation company they might make four prints and they open it in Chattanooga all right and then from there you take it to Memphis and from there you go to Little Rock and then like over the course of a year they make that one week circuit

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