Siskel and Ebert Review Reservoir Dogs


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Pulp Sloth

This is not a particularly bad/incompetent review though. It just illustrates how revolutionary this movie actually was. It just slipped right past most critics at first glance (maybe like Beyond the Valley of the Dolls did once upon a time). I'm sure that later these two guys realized that this film was a "diamond in the rough" so to speak. Anyway.... my thumb is up and always has been for this movie.

Random Internet Guy

This is from the written review. He actually seems to like the idea of the movie more than the movie itself:

The movie feels like it's going to be terrific, but Tarantino's script doesn't have much curiosity about these guys. He has an idea, and trusts the idea to drive the plot. The idea is that the tough guys, except for Tierney and the deranged Madsen, are mostly bluffers.

- Roger Ebert reviews Reservoir Dogs

The Goodfellas

Love This Movie, Rock On!
Greatest Crime Movie Ever Made!