Who Killed Nice Guy Eddie in Reservoir Dogs?


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If you listen closely, you can hear four shots. I think it's suggested that two of the shots are from mr white, one on Joe Cabot and one on nice guy Eddie
The other two of course are mr white and mr orange getting shot


In the slow motion replay you can see Mr White's weapon discharge twice. Because this scene was never intended for slo-mo replay the timing of the squibs and the the timing of Eddie falling are minor.


I always thought Mr. Pink shot Nice Guy.

vince vega (irl)

if you look close mr white shoots nice guy eddy right after he shoots joe and gets shot its kinda obvious plus its in the script


Actually there are five shoots all together. Joe shoots Mr. Orange, Mr. White shoot Joe and Nice Guy Eddie, and Eddie shoots Mr White twice.


In the end, Nice Guy Eddie (played by Chris Penn) eats himself to death (January 24, 2006). Rest in Peace!

The Goodfellas

Mr. White Shots Nice Guy Eddie.