Tony Rocky Horror & the four story window


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                       You remember Antwan Rockamora?
                       Half-black, half-Samoan, usta call
                       him Tony Rocky Horror.

                       Yeah maybe, fat right?

                       I wouldn't go so far as to call the
                       brother fat.  He's got a weight
                       problem.  What's the nigger gonna
                       do, he's Samoan.

                       I think I know who you mean, what
                       about him?

                       Well, Marsellus fucked his ass up
                       good.  And word around the
                       campfire, it was on account of
                       Marsellus Wallace's wife.

        The elevator arrives, the men step inside.

6.      INT. ELEVATOR - MORNING                                         

                       What'd he do, fuck her?

                       No no no no no no no, nothin' that
                       Well what then?

                       He gave her a foot massage.

                       A foot massage?

        Jules nods his head: "Yes."

                       That's all?

        Jules nods his head: "Yes."


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Pulp Sloth

Okay well this is a tough one... but we know it's probably not over a foot massage... what do you guys think?


mia- the only people who know why macellus wallace pushed tony out of the window is tony and marcellus


Ya see, it WAS a foot massage, but with his tongue!!!! Marcellus Wallace don't mind folks lookin at his wife or talkin to his wife or even touchin his wife, but when it comes to that, it's too much. That's why he trusted Vincent to escort her for the evening, cause Vincent has a thing about tongueing women. He won't do it! He said that.


Much like the "Who Keyed Vincent's Car" question, there is no right or wrong answer to this one. There is no clear indication of who did it or why it was done. Mia could just be doing the "good wife and partner" thing by denying what Vincent and Jules had heard because it's obviously not their business esp if Marsellius as close as he is to J and V did not tell them himself.


I offer a few solutions:

1) Tony fell

2) Tony gave Mia a foot massage

3) Tony stuck his tongue in the holyest of holies

4) Tony helped the devil steal marcellus's soul (hence the
bandage and a possible contents of the suitcase)

5) Tony's wife came home and found a dead body and she
threw him

6) Vincent was in the bathroom (a bit trivia there for you)

7) Someone was making poptarts in the other room and
Tony got blasted over the window

8) Tony tried to fuck Marcellus Wallace like a bitch

9) Tony got dysentery

10)Tony said what one more god-damn time

... mother fucker

Just some humorous answers to mull over. Thanks


Let me apologise right now for my obsessiveness but Antwan fell four stories not five. I tried to ignore it but I just couldn't let it go!

Phew! Now; I have two theories about this...

1 - Antwan DID give Mia a foot massage. Because if he didn't then it's just a rumour, and it can't be a rumour because it's way too obscure for the guys to have come up with (even if they are worse than a sewing circle). Of course Mia denies it later in Jack Rabbit Slims, she's a smart girl and she has only just met Vincent. On top of that she knows that Marcellus is fond of Vincent and trusts him (he wouldn't be there otherwise right?).

2 - My second theory seems suddenly weak now. I think I've convinced myself that my first theory is the correct one, so I'm going to quit whilst I'm ahead!


So, is there an ending date on this? The last contest had a cut off date, but this one had no such listing.


hmm.... thats a hard one, but when did tony give Mia the foot rub, isn't Marcellus usually with Mia? and if he was out at work doing what ever gangster shit Marcellus Wallace dose then why would tony be at is house behind his back when Marcellus was not there? because he wanted to fuck her a foot rub leads to something more, tony knew and Marcellus knew it, thats why Marcellus threw him out of the window. Tony had no right to do what he was planning to do with Mia at Marcellus's own home when Marcellus was out, that is just wrong! he fuckin' deserved what he got


Marsellus avait une dent contre son hamster qui venait de ronger sa roue toute neuve, mais Marsellus ne pouvait pas flinguer le hamster ou le jeter du 5eme etage, vu que c'etait un cadeau de Mia !!

Alors comme il avait les boules et que 5 minutes plus tard arrivait tony pour faire son rapport de la soiree passee avec Mia, Marsellus s'est defoule sur Tony et comme Marsellus a pete un cable a cause du hamster il a provoque Tony lui demandant pourquoi il avait touche sa femme, ce qui est entierement faux vu que Tony est un gars tres net, sans bavure. Alors Marsellus se lache et le balance par le balcon et Tony atterit dans la veranda !!

Marsellus est soulage et personne n'ira contredire sa parole, vu que c'est Marsellus Wallace !!

Hello, I'm french, so I'm very bad in english,
if you want to understand, translate it by reverso

a bad mother fucker ...


Not sure. Tony Rocky Horror might've saying stuff like he fuc*d her or something.


i think he said he would do something


Well, I hate to speak ill of the dead but I think people have the right to know what happened - enough with the lies, rumors and innuendos. I got my information from a very(!) reliable source and as I heard it, the truth - the REAL truth is that it had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged massage or Mia. Marsellus found out something about Tony Rocky Horror that was so vile, so completely disgusting that he couldn't stand the sight of him. Tony had to be killed. The sad, unforgivable fact of the matter is ... Tony didn't recycle. The sick f*ck.


We all know that there was no real reason written by Tarantino himself. Once a writer leaves a question unanswered that is when it becomes subject to interpretation by the audience. I don't mean to preach here, but what I'm saying is that I think that we shouldn't take it too serious as there is no one answer and it varies from person to person. We can just have some fun with this and make some shit up or we can give our own personal opinions as too what it should be. That's all, not saying anyone else is wrong, just wanted to put that out there.

-Props Mother Fuckers!


Nobody really knows why he got tossd out a window except two people... but id sure like to know..


because, Marcellas, like Joules is a "mushroom cloud layin' mother fucker" muther fucker and the foot massage was just an icing on the cake which turned Marcellas into "Superfly TNT"


Because He Gave His Wife A Foot Masage. But When Asked About It, His Wife (Uma Thurman) Says That The Only Time That He Touched Her Was When He Shock Her Hand On Her Wedding Day And That Why Marcellus Threw Him Out The Window Is Between Marcellus And Tony.


Frankly, most comments on here are just the same thing repeated, he really fucked her or gave her a foot massage, or some non-sensical babble that don't even make sense. Not that my suggestion doesn't include him fucking her and him giving a foot massage, but it does get tiresome and at least I gave several other suggestions along with it that are a lot funnier. Not saying that I have become the foot fucking master, its just that I feel most of the people on here aren't trying enough. That's all, Thank you.


Well I think it was because of the foot massage, and Mia was denying it cos she had fallen for Vega. In the bathoom scene (at Mia's house) he is trying to stay loyal and not mae a movie on Mia. That's when she finds Vega's stash of Heroin, mistakes it for cocaine and overdoses!


he gave her a foot massage


Who's the winner?


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My guess is that Tony is the one who hired the four guys to deliever the briefcase. Since he spoke well for the four guys, he was blamed for thier wrong doing, but since one of the guys comes forth, (Marvin). It didnt mess things up enough for Marcell to kill him.
Or he's the one that brokered the deal for Marcell's soul. Or the deal for whatever is in the briefcase, I'm not entirely convinced it is a soul.

And it was Butch, who keyed Vince's car...


OK!! there are two possible reason's why Antwan Rockamora was thrown out from a window:

1- Mia Wallace wanet to have sex (or a good time) with
Vincent, so she tried distract or lie about the real reason. (proof: she want to dance and have a drink with him after the evening, and a little bit of flirting.)

2- Jules Winnfield told him that story ( Antwan Rockamora death in the elevator) because Marsellus Wallace told him to tell that to Vincent. (proof: why did Jules told him that from the first place, plus he was frustrated about stain after the dinner)


Becaude Tony Rocky Horrow was trying to muscle in on Marsellus Wallace's operations from the inside trying to be a Judas so Marsellus sent some boys over to "Take care of the situation." for Marsellus, and Marsellus didn't say anything about it niether did Tony Rocky Horror so the men working for Marsellus guessed this theory and it spread "round" the campfire.


I don't think Mia had any thing to do with Tony Rocky Horror, in the pawn shop scene after MW's asshole invasion he says something to the effect of Having a bunch of hard pipe hitting motherfuckers that will go to work on zed with some needle nose pliers and a blow torch which leads me to believe he likes to make people who hurt him suffer before death...maybe Marcelus threw Tony out the window because Tony also butt raped him,,, He's supposed to be some hardened criminal but keeps bendin over =)...jk