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Jules' Red and Black Board Shorts/Swim Trunks


Does anyone know what kind of board shorts/swim trunks Jules wears toward the end of the movie? I know it's a minute detail but I'm thinking of doing this character for an upcoming event and really want to nail all the details if possible. Any help if greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Mia Wallace's (Uma Thurman) Black Stiletto Pumps


Hi, please help! If anyone can answer my question, I would greatly appreciate it! My gf loves Mia Wallace's shoes as seen on the DVD cover of the film. You know, the black stiletto pumps? What is the make and model of these awesome shoes? Does anyone know where I can buy them or exact copies? Thank you for any help whatsoever!



A Quick Question about Mia Wallace's Hair


After seeing the movie in theaters last night, my friend and I are having a disagreement. Is Uma [Mia Wallace] wearing a wig, or is it a cut and dye?


Anybody else think Maria de Medeiros looks like the Modesty Blaise cover?


Has anyone else ever noticed that Maria de Medeiros who played Fabienne looks like the female in the cover art of the Modesty Blaise book Vincent was reading? Just wondering. - C

Pulp Fiction - Vincent Killing Marvin The Snitch


Vincent Vega accidentally shoots Marvin the Snitch in the face and Jules Winnfield gets pissed off for fucking up his car and his hair.

Vincent and Jules Hawthorne Diner Scene


Vincent and Jules discuss miracles at the Hawthorne Diner in LA. God got involved.

The Hamburger Scene


Jules, Vincent, Marvin, Brett, Roger (Flock of Seagulls), and The Fourth Man (shooter in closet) in the legendary Hamburger Scene.

Pulp Fiction's Jules As a Junior Hockey Coach


Chris Chelios reflects on his junior days where he was coached by Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction).

Pulp Fiction in Typography


The "What does Marsellus Wallace Look Like" scene in Pulp Fiction portrayed using nothing but typography.

Were the Pulp Fiction bullet holes already there?


In "the Bonnie Situation" just before dude fires 6 shots at Vincent and Jules, if u look over their shoulders, the bullet holes are already there. Was that done intentionally?

Thanks, Glen

The Gold Watch story in Pulp Fiction, an In-depth Analysis


Rob Ager, the film critic behind gives an in-depth analysis of The Gold Watch scene in Pulp Fiction. He uses video and narrative to build a case that much more symbolism and story is being transmitted than first meets the eye.

Anyone with more than a casual interest in the film will appreciate Mr. Ager's analysis as it will give the viewer even more to think about during subsequent viewings of the film. Nicely done!

Is Vincent Vega Jesus?


Vincent Vega represents Jesus. It's so obvious, once you look at it this way, everything lines up, but amazingly I haven't found anything making this connection in the movie's 20 years of existence.

Help! My Pulp Fiction DVD Won't Play



My husband has never seen the movie Pulp Fiction. We recently bought a new dvd player (Toshiba) and borrowed the movie from a friend. Something weird happened.....The movie wouldn't play. We inserted other movies and they all played. My husband always said he wanted to be the only one who has never seen the movie Pulp Fiction. Today I went out an bought the movie brand's brand new it has to work right!....wrong. It wouldn't play. Has any body else ever had this problem????

Thank you,


The Bonnie Situation


"Don't you fucking realize, man, that if Bonnie comes home and finds a body in her house, I'm going to get divorced? Alright, no marriage counselor, no trial separation. I'm going to get fucking divorced, OK? And I don't want to get fucking divorced. Now, man, you know, fuck, I want to help you but I don't want to lose my wife doing it, all right."

Tarantino on Letterman 1994


I remember this interview as it it were yesterday. Letterman is his normal "not funny since the 80's" self and Quentin is clearly still basking in his newly acquired fame. Classic.

Black motorcycle blowing everything up in war scene


What is the title of movie being played in the hotel scene with Butch & his girl Fabion? It had Black motorcycle blowing everything up in war scene. Thx

Pulp Fiction Deleted Scenes


This Youtube clip narrated by Quentin Tarantino contains deleted scenes and clips from the movie.

Why is Vincent always on the John?


I just finished watching pulp fiction for the first time and I noticed something. Vincent goes to the bathroom in most of the stories. Is this symbolic of something and what?

Pulp Fiction: Cast and Crew Reunion


Where: April 28, 2008 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater

Description: An hour long discussion including anecdotes with costume designer Betsy Heimann, editor Sally Menke, production designer David Wasco, set decorator Sandy Reynolds-Wasco, executive producers Stacey Sher and Richard N. Gladstein, casting directors Ronnie Yeskel and Gary Zuckerbrod, sound editor Avram Gold, and actors Julia Sweeney and Stephen Hibbert.

Pulp Fiction Closing Credits


Closing credits for the seminal movie Pulp Fiction

10 Things You Never Knew About PULP FICTION


There a ton of these "10 things" clickbait videos floating around the Web. So we try to only post the good ones ... the fun ones where we actually learn something or smile.

This one by Movieweb is pretty good... both well-written and edited. They somehow even snuck in a "Let's do it for Johnny!". Amazing.

Everything Wrong With Pulp Fiction in 20 Minutes or Less by Moviesins


This video is much better than it sounds. It's 20 minutes long with tons of good and funny comments. There's an ad at the end for MUBI... but you should really get that anyway.

Pulp Fiction: Tarantino On Non-Linear Storytelling | Expert Series


In this video essay, CinemaStix discusses Tarantino's screenwriting, inspiration, nonlinear storytelling, his signature dialogue, and more. Really good and non-commercial.

What happened to the Gimp?


GIMP (gĭmp) n.

(1) a derrogatory term for someone that is disabled or has a medicial
problem that results in physical impairment.

(2) An insult implying that someone is incompetent, stupid, etc. Can
also be used to imply that the person is uncool or can't/won't do what
everyone else is doing.
The Gimp is perhaps a plot device to the hypocrisy of LA policemen. They are supposed to always "protect and serve" but sometimes they "do other things" to you. Or perhaps The Gimp is an updated version of Bill McKinney's role as the "backwoodsman" rapist in Deliverance? Whatever the deal, it remains a cinematic icon forever. But what happened to him? Please speculate

The Pulp Fiction NFT Collection

What? Quentin Tarantino is making Pulp Fiction NFTs? Really? Why? He obviously doesn't need the money — so I guess he just thinks it's cool.

What do you guys think? Is it cool? Is this just QT's way of staying relevant? Advocating blockchain? Advocating privacy for dapps? It's all pretty much wild speculation at this point... so please help us out and answer in the comments.  I have to admit this is kind of exciting.
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